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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. +81 3 3507 3190 biochem@daicel.co.jp www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList491/0.htm Japan
Daikin Chemicals Sales, Ltd. +81 06 6838 3511 www.daikin-dcs.co.jp Japan
DAISO CO., LTD. 81 (0) 6 6443 5996 yozasa@daiso.co.jp www.daiso.co.jp Japan
Agilent Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 800 235 5763 www.dako.com United States
Dalton Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 800 567 5060 (Canada & USA) chemist@dalton.com www.dalton.com Canada
Dastech International, Inc. 516 466 7676 info@dastech.com www.dastech.com United States
Davos Chemical Corporation 201 995 0070 info@davos.com www.davos.com United States
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. 800 854 4064 psclem@deepwaterchemicals.com www.deepwaterchemicals.com United States
Degussa AG NULL degussa-bk@degussa.com www.degussa-bk.com Germany
Dextra Laboratories Ltd. 44 118 935 7000 dextra@dextra-labs.co.uk www.dextra-labs.co.uk United Kingdom
Daniels Fine Chemicals Ltd. 780 942 4999 dfc@dfccan.com www.dfccan.com Canada
D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corp. 847 869-7800 www.dfgoldsmith.com United States
Dhruvtara Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. 91 40 27154607 info@dhruvtarachemicals.com www.dhruvtarachemicals.com India
Digital Specialty Chemicals, Inc. 603 563 5060 sales@digitalchem.com www.digitalchem.com United States
Discovery ChemScience LLC 1 800 805 2398 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList672/0.htm United States
Dixie Chemical Company 713 863 1947 mail@dixiechemical.com www.dixiechemical.com United States
DKSH Switzerland Ltd. 41 44 386 7272 www.dksh.com Switzerland
D-L Chiral Chemicals, LLC 732 668 8759 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList592/0_EN.htm United States
D & O PHARMACHEM INC. 800 722 3686 info@dochem.com www.dochem.com United States
DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS AG +41 56 616 81 11 info@dottikon.com www.dottikon.com Switzerland
Dow Chemical Company 989 832 1560 dowcig@dow.com www.dow.com United States
Dow Haltermann Custom Processing +44 1642 248555 www.dowhaltermann.com United Kingdom
Chirotech, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company +44 (0) 1223 728010 www.dowpharma.com United Kingdom
DSL Chemicals Co.,Ltd +86 21 6352 9955 info@DSLChem.com www.dsl-chem.com China
DSM Fine Chemicals Inc. 201 845-4404 www.dsm.nl United States
Hunan Deray Biological Industry Co., Ltd 086-731-2894406 zhoushan@deray.cn www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList3992/0.htm China
Hebei Delongtai Chemicals Co., Ltd 0311-85500818 sales@dltchem.com www.delongtaichem.com China
Zhejiang Haisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0579-86773082 sale@haisenpharma.com www.haisenpharma.com China
Hangzhou Longshan Chemical Co., Ltd +86-571-88056685,88066888 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4088/0.htm China
Taizhou Dongdong Pharmachem Co., Ltd 0576-85698929 info@dongdong-chem.com www.dongdong-chem.com China
Dalian Jinju Perfume Co., Ltd 86-0411-87844929 jiazhihua@gmail.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4097/0.htm China
Dezhou Deyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0534-2623181 ly1@deyao.cn www.dzzy.cn China
Suzhou Dongwu Aromatics Co., Ltd +86 512 6533 0250 sjh@dwxj.com www.dwxj.com China
Pingyuan Yongheng Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-534-4671688 shoffice@lianhetech.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4123/0.htm China
Nantong Zhenxing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 0527-84829922 sale@zxchem.cn www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4124/0.htm China
Ningbo Haishuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd 86-0574-65607610 hsamino@hotmail.com www.dongshuo-bio.com China
Nantong Dongchang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd 0513-84541548 84546126 sales@dongchangchemical.com www.u-preferbio.com China
Dongying Ruixin Petroleum Tech. Dev. Co., Ltd 0546-7361721 dy-ruixin@163.com www.dy-ruixin.com.cn China
Dagro Chemical (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd 0519-85138680 info@dagrochem.com www.dagrochem.com China
Taizhou Dapeng Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd 0576-85588223 88861889 dpxs@dppharm.com www.dppharm.com China
Lianyungang Dongjin Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-0518-87319228 webmaster@djhgx.com.cn www.djhgx.com.cn China
Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd 0512-66658588 66658898 info@jingyechem.cn www.daxinchem.com China
Jintan Deli Chemical Co., Ltd +86-519-82551166 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4315/0.htm China
Shanghai Dafeng Generalizing Service Dept 021-56050628 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4327/0.htm China
Liaoyang Dingxin Chemical Co., Ltd 0419-3235739 3136496 dx@dingxinchem.com www.dingxinchem.com China
Zhejiang Doublehorse Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 0573-83919200 katrina.zhou@doublehorse.com www.doublehorse.com China
Dalian Aoyuan Chemicals Synthesis Co., Ltd 086-411-83631442 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4394/0.htm China
Jiangsu Sida Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd +86-514-7953699 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4407/0.htm China
Shanghai Dere Finechem Co., Ltd 021-33922791 33923209 newchemd@drfinechem.com.cn www.drfinechem.com.cn China
Yunnan Dongxiang Perfume Chemicals Co., Ltd 0871-3322360 cjz@dxxl.cn www.dxxl.cn China
Daga Global Chemicals Co., Ltd (91 11) 2623 2764/2623 2765 kolkata@dagaglobal.com www.dagaglobal.com India
Ningbo Dynasty Chemical Co., Ltd 86 0574 56159999 info@dynasty-chem.com www.dynasty-chem.com China
Jintan Dengguan Chemical Co., Ltd 0519-82815038 hht@sina.com www.dg-chem.com China
Baoding Dongfa group 86-0312-2166888 dongfa@dongfagroup.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4542/0.htm China
Tianjin Dingfu Chemical General Plant www.dingfu.com.cn:81/product.htm China
Jingjiang Changjiang Chemical Co., Ltd +86-523-84650940 enmonly@yahoo.com www.dyes-intermediate.com China
Tianjin Dejia Unite Petrochemical Ltd 022 81600347 djahg@163.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4599/0.htm China
Guangdong Shantou Dahao Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd 0754-87380051 stdhhg@stdhhg.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4680/0.htm China
Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd 510-82734258 dintech@wst.net.cn www.dintech.com.cn China
Yancheng Dilly Chemical Co., Ltd 0515-84383408 84383418 sales@ehochina.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4703/0.htm China
Shanghai Diyang Chemical Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd 021-33926898 dy@diyangchem.com www.diyangchem.com China
Dynamic International Enterprises Limited 021-62313806 62313801 tygd@chinatianyin.com www.dynai.com China
Xiamen Ditai Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-592-2680886 lawrence@xmditai.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4741/0.htm China
Yiyang Deitong Fine Chemistry Co., Ltd 0793-5845476 sales@datongchem.com www.datongchem.com China
Taixing Dongyu Chemical Co., Ltd 0523-82363896 sales@dongyuchem.com www.dongyuchem.com China
Zibo Defeng Chemicals Co., Ltd 0533-8580403 sales@defengchem.com.cn www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4754/0.htm China
Dongguan Hsin Cheng Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd 0769-85529093 xz@chemtw.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4820/0.htm China
Zhanhua Darong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 0532-67773200 sales@darongchem.com www.darongchem.com China
Kunshan Dongchen Chemical Co., Ltd 0512-57665358 sales@dongchen-chem.com www.dongchen-chem.com China
Shanghai Doroe Biotechnology Co., Ltd 021-65418199 njbb2000@hotmail.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4874/0.htm China
Shanghai Asarum Biotechnology Co., Ltd www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4891/0.htm China
Jiangsu Donglong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0515-85284020 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList4920/0.htm China
Huangshan Deping Chemical Co., Ltd 0559-6510095 janice@depingchem.com www.depingchem.com China
Yancheng Donggang Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd 0515-84383948 dgp@dgpharm.com www.dgpharm.com China
Dah Diing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 886-4-828 5356 / 886-4-828 5269 new.dahding@msa.hinet.net www.dahdiing.com China
Shanghai Degu Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd 0086-21-64966001 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5002/0.htm China
Jiande Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0571-64156812 64156011 sale@dyhg.com www.dyhg.com China
Shaanxi Dasheng Chemical Tech Co., Ltd 029- 88193551 msales@dashengpharm.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5033/0.htm China
Shanghai Desano Co., Ltd 021-6075 3300 info@desano.com www.desano.com China
Zibo Dade Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd 029-89129981 89129967 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5083/0.htm China
Hangzhou Deli Chemical Co., Ltd 0571-28006833 exp@dlchemical.com www.dlchemical.com China
Weifang Dacheng Bioengineering Co., Ltd +86-536-8291528 8291538 dcbio@163.com www.dcveter.com China
Shanghai 6D-Chem Co., Ltd www.6d-chem.com/chanpin/shajun.htm China
Dezhou Minhua Chemical Plant www.dzmh.com Germany
Fuli Synthetic Chemical Plastic Plant 13941962133 dongwang@dwjt.com www.dwjt.com China
Weifang Dacheng Salt & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd +86-536-8291528 8291538 brom@163169.net www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5196/0.htm China
Qingdao Dexin Biological Products Co., Ltd www.dexinchem.com China
Shenzhen Sunlight Group Co., Ltd 86-0755-26949372 a234@vip.163.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5352/0.htm China
Tianjin DEK Chemical Co., Ltd 13821151896 tjdkhg@dekch.com www.dekch.com China
Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Ltd 86 0512-65626868 gmo@dawnrays.com www.dawnrays.com/home.htm China
Shenyang Northeast Auxiliary Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0318-6883018 6883028 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5396/0.htm China
Hunan Dajie Technology Co., Ltd 0731-88926880 marketing@hndjkj.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5399/0.htm China
Hangzhou Dayoo Co., Ltd 0571-85833303 wangscott@dayoochem.cn www.dayoochem.com China
Dafeng Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0086-515-3632033 www.dftspharm.com China
Nanjing Daxian Chemical Institute Ltd +1-301-880-0624 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5416/0.htm China
Disha Group Weihai Disu Pharma Corp 0631-3857362 bgs@disha.cn www.disha.cn China
Yangzhong Deli Medicine Chemical Co., Ltd 0511-88548835 88548477 delihg@126.com www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5537/0.htm China
Wuhan Datian Fine Chemical Plant 027-61812246 13871172918 www.chemicalbook.com/ShowSupplierProductsList5545/0.htm China
Zhejiang Jiashan Dechang Powdered Material Co., Ltd 0573-84122218 gby@dechangchem.com www.dechangchem.com China
Xiangfan Dongfang Iron Oxide Plgment Co., Ltd 0086-710-4390786,4295195 sales@dongfang-pigments.com www.dongfang-pigments.com China
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